• ROCKINGER brand offers an extremely versatile, high-quality and reliable product portfolio and is regularly named the best brand in the towing hitches sector by end customers. As well as products for road use, ROCKINGER also counts towing hitches for agriculture and forestry among its production portfolio. ROCKINGER has been part of the JOST World since 2001.

    Commercial vehicles

    ROCKINGER’s product range for road traffic comprises all products which are installed on tractors. Towing hitches connect a trailer and a tractor using a drawbar. The parts are generally installed on a cross member, also known as a traverse. For high-volume vehicles, the towing hitch is installed low down near the tractor axle. A drawbar bracket (side plates and suspension elements) is used in this application. This type of installation requires a remote display and remote control by law. These components are also included in the ROCKINGER product portfolio.

    Agriculture and forestry

    In 1973, ROCKINGER expanded its product range by adding towing hitches for agriculture and forestry to its production programme. Compared to couplings for road traffic, these tractors do not have a standard interface. A drawbar bracket must be designed for the respective gearbox rear, to which the towing hitch is then attached. The agriculture and forestry sector also differs from road traffic in that non-automatic towing hitches (with insert pins) can be used if the coupling area is visible from the driver’s seat.
    In 2004, JOST took over the long-established company Regensburger Zuggabel. The company, formerly known as Grau, has been developing and producing drawbars for nearly 80 years. These products are sold under the ROCKINGER brand today.


    Drawbars are the connection between the tractor and the steerable drawbar trailer. They are designed to be mounted on a pivot support and are subject to the highest safety requirements. Drawbars may only be operated with the intended towing hitches that are approved for the respective towing eyes.