• The APS Germany GmbH has specialized under the brand REMA.GERMANY in the remanufacturing and further development of original parts and the sale of technical products for commercial vehicles. At company locations in Germany, Austria, France and Scandinavia company generate with a total of 35 employees more than 15 million Euro turnover per year.
    REMA.GERMANY work closely with partners throughout Europe to offer an economical and resource-saving alternative to original parts with the same or better quality. REMA.GERMANY have already has proven its quality for customers in more than 50 countries around the world. Since the company was founded in Gescher in 2005, they have relied on the professional know-how of their employees, a strong network of international partners and enthusiasm for technical and sustainable innovations to further develop REMA.GERMANY product range. Company want to be a part of a better future!