• Kongsberg Automotive compressed air couplings, distributed under the brand name Raufoss Couplings™, meet all applicable standards for brake systems and are designed and optimized for minimum pressure loss and a lasting and robust temperature-independent sealing function.
    Production is fully automated and quality controlled in all operational steps to supply our customer with cost efficient solutions for applications with highest requirements of safety.

    Using Raufoss Couplings™, customers can choose between complete systems based on push-in tube connections and modular building block system. A wide range of tubes standards and building applications can supply complete brake systems for the Commercial Vehicle segment.

    KArtridge™ solutions are designed for manufacturing and technology opens for new ways of design and usage of molded ports for direct press in. In addition the systems include manifolds, multi-connectors, test points, etc.

    Customer advantages
    • High flexibility and modularity facilitate full compliance with system design requirements while reducing the number of parts.
    • Extensive development activities and extended use of polymer technology will ensure fulfillment of customer expectations today and in the future.

    Kongsberg Automotive team of specialists provide key account service and technical support to achieve fully optimized, cost-effective system solutions for individual customers.

    Kongsberg Automotive´s understanding of function combined with unique materials and manufacturing expertise will generate new and innovative products, contributing further to our customers´ continued success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.