• Pramac is a young and dynamic company that is founded on a solid historical basis, but that leverages its versatility and flexibility to produce innovation and competitiveness. Values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are the basis of this dynamic entrepreneurial reality are the constant desire for growth and renewal, the culture of quality and respect for the environment, attention to customer satisfaction.

    Pramac plays a role of leading actor in the industry by combining performance and reliability, expanding and diversifying its product offer to keep pace with the times and meet the new requirements. In order to strengthen and develop its presence on the market, PRAMAC produces, develops, and markets around the world, highly diversified product lines, which are due to two business priorities: handling equipment and electrical power generators. To this was then added a special after-sales customer support that Pramac offers great efficiency and reliability.

    The philosophy behind the entire production cycle Pramac is to provide a product that finds its ideal application wherever you need a high performance, guaranteed in time.