• Monroe® Shocks and Struts, one of the most respected brands in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2016.

    With a network of 14 advanced engineering centers on five continents, Tenneco is at the leading edge of technology for the original equipment market. Tenneco meets the needs of customers — including Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Daimler, BMW, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Nissan and Shanghai Automotive (SAIC) — expertly tuning the ride of any vehicle to the most exacting specifications.

    OE manufacturers request that their suppliers be prepared to provide products any place in the world. Monroe, a leading OE supplier, is well equipped to do just that.

    With facilities around the world, Monroe can supply the OE manufacturers on a global basis. Monroe have developed integrated, electronically linked global engineering and manufacturing facilities. Monroe use advanced engineering and test capabilities to provide product reliability, endurance and performance. Monroe engineering capabilities feature advanced computer-aided design equipment and testing facilities.

    These full-service engineering and development centers span five continents and allow Monroe to bring new products and the latest technologies to the market faster.

    Future innovations

    Monroe award-winning Acceleration Sensitive Damping (ASD) shock absorber delivers both a soft, comfortable ride and firm vehicle handling. The technology is a mechanical valve system that instantaneously changes damping force to adjust vehicle ride to bumps and changes in the road surface.
    As a next generation shock absorber, frequency dependent damping is environmentally friendly – it uses no oil. The shock absorber can be mounted in any position and has a more consistent damping performance over a wide range of temperatures.
    Monroe Micro-Amplitude Damping (MAD) technology is a position sensitive hydraulic circuit designed to eliminate the energy transfer caused by tire imbalances. This circuit is engineered to directly react to the displacement of the shock absorber.

    Advanced electronic technologies

    Tenneco’s Continuously Variable Semi Active Suspension (CVSA) provides next generation capabilities in vehicle handling and ride comfort. CVSA is a semi-active suspension system that continuously adjusts damping levels according to road and driving conditions. At the heart of CVSA is an advanced valve system manufactured by Tenneco. The valves are integrated with an electronic controller and chassis sensors and work together to deliver the most advanced damping characteristics.

    CVSA was first commercialized on the 2003 Volvo S60R and V70R performance vehicles, offering sport car handling with luxury sedan comfort.

    Kinetic™ Suspension Systems

    Kinetic suspension systems use technology that improves vehicle stability, handling and ride comfort and helps reduce the risk of vehicle-roll-over. The Kinetic suspension technology can be adapted to the CVS market. This cost-effective passive system enhances vehicle stability by reducing vehicle roll while maintaining a comfortable ride.

    Integrated Kinetic™ H2 CVSA system

    This technology combines the passive Kinetic™ H2 system with CVSA damper valves to provide continuously controlled damping and high roll stiffness with reduced articulation stiffness. Designed for sports cars and high-end SUVs, this intelligent system allows for both comfort and handling, as well as offers all the advantages of a semi-active suspension.