• Support legs, spindle supports, spare wheel mounts, diverse equipment for trailers. Supporting, offsetting, lashing are the focus of the commercial vehicle technology business.

    Haacon support legs – the choice of professionals

    The name Haacon stands for outstanding quality in the German medium-sized company segment and effective after-sales service. This is the reason why vehicle producers have used reliable components from Haacon for their trailers for decades.

    Haacon aluminium AX support legs – a significant weight saving for your vehicle! For you, a lower vehicle weight means a higher cargo load and lower fuel consumption. Either way, Haacon is always the right choice.

    Haacon -commercial vehicle parts that you can rely on.

    We are a medium-sized, independent company with 150 employees. We are an important employer in the Miltenberg / Wertheim region and our headquarters are in Freudenberg – Collenberg (Südspessart).

    Haacon hebetechnik gmbh is an engineering company with significant expertise in various profitable (niche) sectors of mechanical and electromechanical lifting technology.

    Haacon is one of the leading engineering companies, boasting excellent special-purpose production departments. This is highlighted by our motto Competence in lifting technology. Their team brings together expertise, quality, advanced technology and efficiency to create innovative solutions for a wide range of application areas or special requirements.

    Haacon management team has a balanced age structure and is characterized by its impressive technical and commercial expertise.

    Haacon aim to provide all of our employees with a high level of training and education. This applies equally to those with an academic and non-academic background.

    Haacon are constantly improving our employees’ working conditions and the work-life balance conditions at our company premises, and are fully aware of the importance of working efficiently with work equipment and our natural resources.

    Haacon offer our employees performance-based and, with the appropriate level of success, above-average remuneration structures. This applies to their basic income, future bonus schemes and company pension schemes.

    It is extremely important to Haacon that their education and training structures develop and draw on the character of the individual employees while being essential to the well-being of our company.