• FRITEC is a brake manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience in the automotive market. FRITEC have developed world-class products and we have an organizational structure that allows them to develop new technologies for the manufacture of friction materials.

    FRITEC started manufacturing friction materials in 1977 with the main objective of designing, developing and manufacturing friction materials for the automotive industry and industrial applications mostly based on solving problems and satisfying the needs and demands of the brakes market. Over the years FRITEC have acquired extensive experience in designing and manufacturing the most complete range of products that have improved the braking conditions of vehicles and machines all over the world.

    High quality, technical solutions, experience and professional attitude have contributed to growth and market leadership; FRITEC are committed to manufacture advanced technology products with the highest quality standards, and given the best customer service, technical support and constant training to our customers.


    * Ceramic formulation for trucks, buses, and demanding applications.
    * Steady performance under extreme conditions
    * HD premium disc brake pads provides you improved friction performance and long life because are made of raw materials such as aramid and ceramic fibers, high quality graphite, resins, and others. This formulation can stand up to high temperatures found in most heavy duty applications.