• Fleetguard filters is a part of Cummins Filtration which is a world leader in OEM and aftermarket filtration solutions for diesel engines, transmissions and industrial applications, including engines ranging from 3 to above 100 liters in displacement.


    Cummins Filtration is the leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of filtration products for diesel & gas powered agricultural equipment. Fleetguard are continuously trying to differentiate our product offerings through technology and quality to further cover a wide variety of applications including tractors, sprayers, wind rowers, and combines.


    No matter how rugged your operating environment, Cummins Filtration products protect your construction equipment. By applying the latest technology, our filters ensure high performance and protection for your diesel equipment at any job site. Cummins Filtration products cover a wide range of applications, including ariel lifts, cranes, excavators, forklifts, tractors, utility vehicles, off-highway tractors, pavers, scrapers, and finishing equipment.


    Cummins Filtration offers a wide range of high quality products in the diesel locomotive segment, where safety is the number one priority for all customers.


    Cummins Filtration offers technologically advanced filtration products and services for a complete range of marine diesel equipment applications. Our products, such as Sea Pro FH240 Series, are marine certified and meet the highest levels of performance and protection to ensure maximum up time.


    Combined with our worldwide presence and comprehensive support, Cummins Filtration is the obvious choice when searching for a partner for your mining operation. Fleetguard products cover a wide range of applications including: cranes, excavators, wheel loaders, forklifts, graders, mixers, material handling, forestry, and underground mining equipment.


    The oil and gas business is unique, and customers have tough demands: 24-hour work days, non-stop service requirements, minimal down-time and remote work locations. Time is money, and nobody knows that more than the oil and gas customer. Fleetguard products provide real value because oil and gas customers demand it. Protecting valuable investment in the Oil and Gas market is critical to your business success.


    Cummins Filtration is a market leader for on highway filtration products and services, specializing in developing and applying the latest technology to the design and manufacture of our filters. Whether you’re driving heavy, medium, or light duty vehicles, we’ve got the protection you need to stay on the road and out of the shop.

    Power Generation

    Cummins Filtration is a worldwide provider of filtration and cooling products to the Power Generation and Light Power Generation market segments. Fleetguard cater to the growing demand from developing countries by offering the right product range and coverage. Whether you’re powering a hospital or a data center, Fleetguard product solutions keep you operational

    Automotive/ Light Duty

    Cummins Filtration products are designed for high quality and high performance to protect your light duty vehicle applications.